Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay (Complete Details)

Did you know, that Mcdonald’s serves at least 3.5 million meals per day, with customers making different orders and paying through different methods? But does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay as a payment option?

Being one of the largest fast-food chains in America and the UK, consumers would expect to be able to use different forms of payment for their meals. If you are one of those that religiously use Apple Pay, this article has the nitty-gritty details and everything you need to know.

How To Set up Apple Pay

Digital wallets and mobile payment services have become a thing not only among traveler but for every other person as well. They are some of the fastest, easiest, and most convenient ways to pay for your purchases, online and at physical stores. Not to mention that there are multiple mobile payment methods you can always choose to use.

Apple Pay is one of the most known options. It is simple and safer to use than even using a physical card. The service is built-in into iPad, Mac, iPhones, and Apple Watches. It powers Apple Cash, allowing you to send and receive money in messages.

All you need to do is go to the wallet app, set up the Apple Cash card, and you are good to get started. Here is how;

  1. Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone
  2. Select “Add
  3. Choose “Debit or Credit Card
  4. Tap “Continue” and follow the on-screen prompts to add a card. You can use the search bar to find your card assurer or bank fast.
  5. You might be asked to provide specific additional information to verify your bank and approve your card to be used with Apple Pay.
  6. Once your card is verified and approved, your Apple Pay option is ready for use.

Does McDonalds Take Apple Pay

McDonalds Take Apple Pay

Now that you know what Apple Pay is and how to set it up for use, back to the big question; does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay? The simple answer is yes, customers are able to purchase with Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s.

At McDonald’s’ restaurants, you can use the payment terminal. Just put a finger on your iPhone’s Touch ID button and hold it up to the terminal. Your payment will then automatically be processed, billing the credit/ debit card added to your Apple Pay.

At a Mcdonald’s Drive-Thru, the process is quite similar. The cashier at the window will present to you a contactless card reader, where you will hold your phone over it to process the payment.

Another way to make payment at McDonald’s using Apple pay is via your phone. This option allows you to complete the transactions through the Apple Pay app.

To add Apple Pay to the McDonald’s app, open the app, click “More”, choose “Profile”, and click “Payment Methods”. You can then add and/ or remove the payment methods details as you wish.

Is It Safe to Use Apple Pay at Mcdonald’s

Apple Pay is a service established by one of the most trusted technological companies of all time, Apple. It has also been in the industry for almost a decade since its launch in 2014, with millions of users, and multiple positive reviews.

It is, therefore, safe to use Apple Pay at McDonald’s restaurants and Drive-Thrus, just as it is to use in any other store. However, since it works as credit cards and debit cards, you just might want to take the same precautions using it as you would when using the cards.

Why Apple Pay is Not Working at McDonald’s

You shouldn’t have to experience problems with Apple Pay. However, sometimes errors and glitches occur. Most of the reasons why sometimes it wouldn’t work may be;

Errors with your Linked Debit/ Credit Card

The first thing you want to check if you are having problems paying with Apple Pay is whether your linked card is linked properly. You can confirm through the Wallet App that your card details are read correctly.

Insufficient Funds

If the card is linked right then you might want to check that you have sufficient funds to cater to your purchase otherwise the transaction wouldn’t be processed. In this case, you should get a notification telling you that you need to top up your account to use Apple Pay.

If nothing works, and you can’t figure out what the problem is, it is recommended that you seek help from Apple’s help page online. You can always call their customer support desk, send an email, or initiate a live conversation with their representative from the live chat option on the website.


So, does McDonald’s accept Apple Pay? Yes. That and many other forms of payments including all major credit cards, Google pay, and more. And using Apple Pay shouldn’t be hard for any customer. You can pay with it at all McDonald’s restaurants and drive-thrus, as well as pay for items online.

Setting up the payment method is also fast and simple. Just follow the step-by-step guide given in the article and as long as you link your card correctly and have enough funds in your bank account, you should be good to make your purchases anytime, and for as much, as you need.

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