Cardless ATM That Allows Apple Pay and Google Pay

Many a time, being able to withdraw cash without a credit card is such a convenient option. As long as you have your phone at hand, it really doesn’t matter if you left your wallet behind. Thanks to technology, in some ATMs you only need your phone to get your cash.

If you are looking to find out the different ATMs that accept Apple Pay and Google Pay, then this article might helpful for you. You will learn how these cardless ATMs work, what are their benefits, and what options you have in your town.

How Cardless ATMs Work

It is fascinating how you can walk into an ATM machine without a card and still come out with your cash. How they work is that they use the bank’s app or other options such as Google pay to make this possible.

To withdraw cash from an ATM without a credit card, there are two methods involved; the Near-Field Communication method, where you are required to hold your phone right next to the machine to access your bank account, and the QR method, where you set up your mobile withdrawal on your banking app and scan the QR displayed on the ATM screen with your phone to dispense your money.

Some banks are convenient enough to let you schedule a withdrawal upfront. You can check this option on your mobile app to find out if your bank allows it. All you need to do is choose the amount you want to withdraw even before you get to the bank.

Cardless ATM That Allows Apple Pay and Google Pay

It then takes 24 hours before you can walk into the ATM machine and use the one-step process (as you will then only need to enter your pin) to withdraw your cash. How convenient and time-saving could that be?

In simple terms, cardless ATMs give you the very same features and options you always have with your physical card i.e. same transactions, same withdrawal limits, etc.

5 Available Cardless ATMs for Apple Pay & Google Pay to Withdraw

If you want to try cardless ATMs, or just want to be on the safe side should you ever forget your wallet or card back home, here are some of the most popular ATMs that allow Apple Pay and Google Pay;

1) Chase ATM

Chase is not a new name in the united states. They have been providing cardless ATM services since 2018 and the number of users keeps rising every day.

To withdraw cash from Chase atm, you are required to load your card into Apple Pay or Google Pay. Then tap your phone somewhere on the ATM and further authenticate the transaction using a security feature i.e. facial recognition, fingerprint, passcode, etc.

2) Bank of America

Bank of America is a major bank with millions of users in the US. They launched the cardless ATMs service back in 2016, among other services. To use this, you only need to link your bank account to a digital wallet such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Fitbit Pay, Samsung Pay, and Garmin Pay.

3) Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo announced the good news back in 2017 (that their consumers could now use their smartphones and smartwatches to withdraw money from their ATMs). They adopted the same strategy as Bank of America; using NFC.

How this works (the Near-Field Communication method) is that you put your phone at a specific spot on the ATM (find the NFC sticker), confirm with your fingerprint (or any other authentication feature), and enter your standard four-digit credit card pin.

No need to fret if you have an old phone. You can still easily withdraw your cash by signing into your Wells Fargo app, getting the 8-digit code, and using it to get your money. Note that this code is usually temporary and only usable for a set amount of time i.e half an hour.

4) PNC

PNC has been offering ATM cardless services for a couple of years now. However, this one works a little bit differently. Unlike Chase and Bank of America, PNC doesn’t have the touchless option.

This means your only way is to sign in to the app and choose ATM access. You will then get a one-time code, usually 8 digits, that is also only active and usable within half an hour.

Use this code at the ATM on the card-free access option, followed by your pin and other details required to get your cash.

5) Capital One

Capital One also provides ATM cardless services but not in all cities. Some of the cities you will find this option include San Francisco, Richmond, Virginia, Texas, Boston, Philadelphia, Austin, and Chicago.

Pros and Cons of Cardless ATMs

There are multiple advantages that come with cardless ATMs. Similarly, there are also some downsides to using ATMs in this digital way. Here are some pros and cons of ATMs that allow Apple Pay and Google Pay;

Advantages of Cardless ATMs

Simple to Use;

Let’s face it, with how rapidly technology is growing and changing, we can expect our phones to be our ‘everything’ in the near future. This means your phone could be your office, your work and study place, and your wallet as well.

Some people also find it hard to memorize all their account information and rely on other methods like fingerprints and facial recognition. With the ease of use, cardless ATMs have proven to be a better and more convenient way to access your money.

Access all your Accounts;

Even if you have multiple bank accounts, there is that one that you use the most. You probably don’t even carry the other cards all the time, especially when traveling. Cardless ATMs that allow Apple Pay and Google Pay still allow you to easily access all your accounts.

No Pressure of Having to Carry your Cards all the Time;

This is an obvious one. If you can access your bank accounts and withdraw cash in an ATM without your card then there is no pressure of having to remember to carry your cards all the time. Especially if you want to go light and don’t want to carry your purse (to hold your cards) or a wallet. Just grab your phone and you are good to go.


This doesn’t mean that cardless ATMs are 100% risk-free. However, there are some features that make it safer and more secure. To begin with, it is hard for scammers to use skimmers to hack your card’s details because you don’t insert it into the ATM terminal.

The code is also always a one-time pin and for one-time use. This means after you have scanned it on the ATM, its work is done and it can’t be used again. Pick-pocketing is also a big concern in most major towns, but nothing to worry about when you don’t carry your wallet and purse around.

Disadvantages of Cardless ATMs


You wouldn’t always bump into ATMs that allow Apple Pay and Google Pay all the time in all towns. They are actually hardly available in most places. While most banks do provide mobile banking technology and your smartphone most probably can handle it, you still need an ATM machine with the same capabilities.


This is another major concern when it comes to cardless ATMs. They rely on smartphones and bank apps to operate. So your phone must be compatible with the app, to allow access to this service.


Generally, cardless ATMs are more secure. This however doesn’t mean that there are 0 risks. Robbers and criminals also live in the same world and era as you. They know most people are going cardless and using their phones more.

They now tend to target phones more and hack your banking information. This shifts the focus from purses and wallets to phones. Make sure your phone is always secure and in a safe place, especially if you use it for banking activities, and have banking apps installed.

Bank login credentials are especially the most targeted and at the highest risk. Beware of phishing links that would bring you to fake login pages and ask you to enter your bank credentials.

If your phone gets lost or stolen, there is a chance for all the data in your phone to be completely remotely wiped. Always change your passwords immediately you start suspecting that your account is breached and make use of the two-authentication processes.


Technology is definitely changing how the world runs. From lining up in banks to withdrawing cash the traditional way (from tellers), to bank agency shops, to ATM machines, and now cardless ATMs that allow Apple Pay and Google Pay withdrawals. It can’t get any better than this.

The only downside to cardless ATMs is that they are not available in many other regions and small towns. However, we can be sure that there will always be plans underway to make this convenient method accessible to more people, and eventually everyone. We can also only expect things to get better and more advanced banking services to be developed.