The Bank Of America Check Deposit Limit

The bank of America check deposit makes it easy for anyone to deposit checks both online and physically. You can choose any method that will suit you, and the mobile app will let you know when you reach the limit. It is easy to find out if the check you deposited has reached the cut-off time because it will be available the next business day. Note that if you are using the mobile app, you need to have a device that has a built-in camera. Ensure that you look at the time you are depositing the check so that you can know if it has reached the cut-off time. This is because, with the bank of America check deposit limit, you can easily calculate how much you are left to deposit in the month.

The Bank Of America Check Deposit Limit

bank of America check deposit limit

When you deposit a check before the cut-off time on a business day, it will be available the following business day. This time is based on the time zones and you will have to check with the time zones so that you know when your check will be available.

How Long Will It Take A Check To Be Available

When the check hits your account, you need to look at the time especially if you have deposited it in the evening. There are different time zones and you need to ensure that you have the right time, especially if you are in business. This is because you might be expecting the check to be available the same day, but it might not be possible.

The following are the time zones to look out for:

  • Eastern: 9 pm. ET
  • Central: 9 pm. ET
  • New Mexico: 9 pm ET
  • Western Kansas: 9 pm ET
  • Mountain: 8 pm. PT
  • El Paso: 9 pm ET
  • Pacific: 8 pm. PT

To understand this you need to know that if you open your account in Eastern Time and deposit a check before 9 pm on a Tuesday, the funds will be available on Wednesday. If you deposit on a Friday after 9 pm, you will get your funds on Tuesday the following week.

You should also note that if you deposit on a Saturday or a Sunday, you will get the funds on Tuesday. This is also the case when there is a holiday and the day falls on a weekday. You should therefore look at the time before you deposit your check to be sure about the funds’ availability.

Types Of Checks

When you are depositing a check, you need to know when it will clear and when you can get your funds. Some checks are easy because you can deposit them using a mobile app, and some are more challenging because you will have to go to the bank. The following are checks that you can deposit using a mobile app from anywhere you are:

  1. Personal checks
  2. Business checks
  3. Government/treasury checks
  4. Cashier’s checks

If a check is not allowed through mobile app deposit, you can still deposit it to your account when you go to the bank. The following are not accepted when you are using a mobile deposit:

  • U.S. savings bonds
  • Checks from foreign banks
  • Money orders
  • Traveler’s checks
  • Image Replacement Documents (IRDs)
  • Third-party checks
  • Checks  that are not payable in U.S. dollars

To deposit the above checks, you will need to go to the bank and wait for verification before you can receive the funds in your account. After you deposit the check, you can then use the app to check the account. Ensure that you get to the bank on a business day, and keep in mind that it will take some time before you can get the funds.

Apart from online, you can also receive messages when the funds are available. You can then transfer or withdraw the cash for use as you please when you have the funds available.

Delay Of Funds

There are instances when your funds can be delayed for several reasons. No matter the cause of the delay, the bank will notify you by the next business day and site the reason for the delay. You will get your first $225 of the funds that were deposited in your account in the next business day.

Different rules will apply to new accounts. In the first 30 days of opening your personal account, you will get funds after the check is deposited, and takes five days in your account. You can get the first $5525 of each day’s deposit available in the second business day if you deposit the following:

  • A certified or cashier’s check
  • Travelers check
  • Government checks

You can get the remaining cash on the fifth day after the deposit of the check. All other checks will be available on the fifth day after you deposit them into your personal bank account.


The banks handle transfers a bit differently from direct check deposits. You can have immediate access to your funds as soon as they are transferred to your account from another bank of America. You need to note that if the transfer occurs after 10.45 pm on a business day, the transfer history will not be available until the next day. The fund’s transfers are done on a Saturday of a Sunday or a holiday; the history will show on the next business day.

Bank of America Mobile Deposit Limits

There is a bank of America check deposit limit l when you are depositing a check, especially via mobile deposit. It is based on the age of the account and also the preferred reward membership status.

A deposit using the bank of America mobile check deposit has a limit of $10000 per month for accounts opened for three months or more. If the account is less than three months old, the limit will be $2500 a month. This means that a new account owner needs to wait for a while before they can get to the $10000 limit.

With preferred rewards membership, you can get a more limit when you are depositing checks. When you are in this program, you can get a deposit limit of up to $25000 per month if your account is three months old or less. The deposit limit grows to $50000 after the account finishes three months and more.

If you need to have a higher limit, you need to ensure that you apply and enroll on the preferred rewards membership.

Bank of America Mobile Deposit Features

When you are using the bank of America mobile deposit, you will not be charged any fees. You will pay for messaging and data because you will be doing your banking online. To use this app, you need to first download the app from the app store or Google play store.

The mobile app has several features that will also help you to manage your finances. You can do the following with the app:

  • Analyze your account activity
  • Transfer funds from your account to another bank of America accounts
  • Send money to others using Zelle
  • Check your loans and credit balances
  • Pay your bills and also schedule automatic bill payments
  • Find out special offers and take advantage of them
  • Deposit checks to your account
  • Get a budgeting tool to help you check your spending habits and stay on top of your budget.

In this app, you will have a virtual assistant that will help you when you need to send alerts and also provide you with financial advice and other information. You can easily contact the customer care service if you need any assistance.

To ensure your security and that of your money, the bank app has a touch ID and face ID. This will ensure that you do not fall prey to fraudsters.

Procedure To Follow When Depositing A Check With Bank Of America

Bank of America has made it easy for their customers to deposit checks in a few easy steps. Before you can start, you need to ensure that you have a mobile device with a built-in camera. This way, you will have an easy time depositing a check from anywhere you are. Here are the steps you need to follow when you are depositing a check:

  1. Sign the back of the check and endorse it. Write the words “for deposit only at the bank of America” right under your signature. After this step, you can also deposit the check physically at the bank or even send someone else to do the deposit for you. If you want to continue with a deposit using the mobile app, you need to go to the next step.
  2. Open the mobile app and log in using your touch ID or the password you set
  3. Select the deposit check option in the app
  4. Take a photograph of both the front and the back of the check using your mobile device. On the app, you will see the front of the check and the back of the check buttons and upload them.
  5. Choose the account that you are depositing the check to
  6. Enter the amount you are depositing
  7. Confirm the details and the amount of the check and then tap the deposit option
  8. You can also choose the save, email, or print option if you need to save a copy of the check or if you will need to send it via email to another person.

Benefits Of The Bank Of America Mobile Check Deposit

There are several advantages of using the mobile check deposit when you want to deposit with the bank of America. The following are the benefits of the bank of America mobile heck deposit:

  • The check deposits are free
  • Your funds will be available fast
  • The deposit is secure because of the several measures to protect the account.
  • You will get cashier’s checks and government checks funds, the next business day after you make a deposit.
  • You can save, print, or email copies of the check that you deposit.

Disadvantages of Depositing Your Check Using a Mobile Deposit

Even with the many advantages, there are also some drawbacks of depositing your check using a mobile deposit. These are the disadvantages that you may face when using a mobile check deposit with bank of America:

  • You will not get a mobile deposit for money orders, travelers’ checks, and third-party checks. With these, you will have to go physically to the bank.
  • Personal checks to new accounts will take longer for the funds to be available.
  • Bank of America has limits for monthly check deposits, and you cannot exceed the set amount.

How Do You Know If Bank Of America Is The Correct Choice For You

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to manage your money, you will benefit from a bank of America account. Even with the monthly limits on check deposits, you can still transact and transfer money whenever you like. It is a great choice for those who are busy with several transactions in their accounts.

Although there may be exclusions on the type of checks you can deposit using the mobile app, you can still deposit using different methods. The virtual assistant will help you to work with the budget tool and other issues that you need.

This makes it easy for anyone who is not tech-savvy to keep up with the account and manage their money. You will not need to visit a physical bank when you need help and do any transactions in your bank. In case of any problem with the check, you will receive communication from the bank via email or message. This will help if there is suspicion of fraud and any other that might affect your account.


No matter the type of check you have, you can easily deposit it in your bank account. A bank America check deposit limit is ideal for many different types of accounts. If you need a higher limit, you can talk to the bank so that you can get an upgrade. You can use the mobile app with personal, business, cashiers, treasury, and also government checks. The bank of America checks deposit limit is ideal for many types of checks. Make sure that you follow the instructions carefully so that the check can be available to you in good time.

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