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Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay

One of the most commonly asked questions by iPhone users is; can you get cash back with Apple Pay? The simple answer is; yes.

But the big issue is how to get cashback Apple Pay, what process to follow, and how to go about it. There are some terms and conditions that you must meet in order to get cashback with the Apple Pay service. This article discusses the nitty-gritty.

How Does Apple Card Works

Most cards offer reward programs and points that you can collect and accumulate until it equals a certain amount of money, which you can then redeem and get an item from the store. Apple Cards work differently.

If you own an Apple Card, you are eligible to get Apple Card Monthly instalments, which allow you to make payments, with no interest, from Apple.

When you make purchases using this card through Apple Pay, you can get daily cashback Apple Pay on every purchase. You receive up to 3% cashback on particular purchases and Apple products, and 2% on all the other purchases.

The good thing about Apple Cards is that unlike you would normally expect with other credit and debit cards, this one never expires nor does it lose value. You will always deposit money in your wallet app and use it to buy any items on websites and/ or apps.

What is Daily Cash

Daily Cash is an Apple Pay Program that allows you to get a percentage back for every purchase that you make with Apple Pay. And, there is no limit as to how much you can get with this program. The money also goes right into your Apple Cash account, meaning you can use it as you would your regular cash in your account.

You also don’t need to worry if you share the Apple card. Each person gets cashback on their own purchases. The same applies to the Apple Card Family. If you share the card or account with other people under 18, each one of them earns their own daily cash on the purchases they make independently.

How to Get Your Daily Cash

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You can easily find your Daily Cash following these simple steps;

  • Open your iPhone and go to your Wallet app.
  • Select Apple Card.
  • Select either of these three; weekly activity, monthly activity, or yearly activity.

You can always swipe to the side to view your monthly, weekly, or yearly activities. Once you select a year, month, or week, you can then view all your activity for that item. This includes Daily Cash transactions that have already been settled.

You can also go ahead and tap on “Daily Cash”, to see the amount you have earned on Daily Cash for all those transactions. To see the accumulated Daily Cash, find it in the spending history. If you use Apple Family Card, you can view the amount of Daily Cash, all the members of the account have accumulated.

Benefits of Using Apple Pay

If you are an iPhone user then it is highly recommended to use Apple Pay. You can easily sign up for the Apple Card and as soon as you get it, set up your Apple Pay and Daily Cash. Here is why;

1) Fast and Easy

One-click payments with Apple Pay allow fast and easy transactions. You don’t have to manually enter your credit card number and other personal information as you would with regular cards. Everything is all within the Apple Pay system.

The only process involved with using Apple Pay is for first-time users. You will be required to enter your card details and save them in the system for easy navigation. Once that is done you are good to go.

This not only reduces friction but also improves your overall experience as an Apple Pay customer.

2) Convenient

In this day and age, most people cannot live without their smartphones at hand. With almost every aspect of life involving technology, you need your phone to communicate, buy things online, work, for entertainment, and more.

Apple Pay, being used on phones and allowing you to make payments on the go, makes it super convenient. With an easy way to make payments and transactions, it also reduces the hustle of having to carry your wallet everywhere you go.

3) Set Up Recurring Payments

If you like to set up a recurring payment, just because it makes paying your bills easy and convenient, then Apple Pay is your best service. You can set up your future dated bill payment within minutes, and without having to fill any forms or making any changes and adjustments in your settings.


Getting some cash back on your purchases with cashback Apple Pay is made possible and pretty simple by the Apple Card and Daily Cash features, and is eligible to all frequent Apple users.

The 2% and 3% cashback may seem a small amount in the beginning but will surely add up if you are a regular Apple customer. This means that the program is most suitable only if you buy Apple products and services often.

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