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Best Payday loan Apps That Accept Chime

When money gets tight, you need to have a backup plan to keep your life going. That is where payday loan apps come in. And when your loans from these apps are approved, there are many ways and money transfer methods you can use to get the funds.

Chime is one of the best methods to withdraw cash from loan apps. However, not all of these services work well with it. In this article, we have compiled a list of some of the best payday loan apps that accept Chime and that you can use reliably and conveniently.

How Does Payday Loan Work

Simply put, a Payday loan is a short-term loan that you are supposed to pay back on your next payday. Payday loan apps are apps or providers that offer payday loans. These especially come in handy when you need urgent financial help.

payday loan with chime

Eligibility Criteria for Payday Loans;

The requirements to be approved by payday loan apps depend on the providers. However, these are the general requirements;

  • Must be 18 years and above.
  • Must be a US resident.
  • Must be currently employed or have a monthly income.
  • Must have a valid checking account.

The 9 Best Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

1) Dave app

Dave is number one on the list. It comes with many advantages and features that can save your basic financial needs. Here is what you get with the Dave app;

  • If you set up a direct deposit, you can get an advance of up to $200
  • If you set up a linked bank account you can get up to $100 cash advance
  • No interest charged
  • No credit card checks
  • Improve and build your credit
  • FDIC insured

This means that you have to set up a direct deposit or link a bank account to get a $200 or $100 advance loan respectively. There are also other factors that are going to contribute to the amount of money you get for the loan. Some of these factors are;

  • Your anticipated salary
  • At least 60 days of your transaction history
  • Your track record (if you have been paying your previous loans in time)
  • Average money in your account
  • If you have any negative balances in your account
  • You also must have received at least two direct deposits for you to be eligible for an advance loan with the Dave app.

How to Request a loan with Dave

  1. Open the app and select the “Advances” option.
  2. Select “get cash now
  3. Select the amount you want to advance.
  4. Choose your auto-payback date.
  5. Make sure to double-check the following before you “Confirm” the request; the advance amount, tip amount, delivery option, your account/ last four numbers of your card, the due date, and the total amount.
  6. Once you are sure of all the details you entered, “agree” to the payment authorization and.
  7. Hit “Confirm

Link Chime Account to Dave;

  1. Go to your profile tab
  2. Select linked banks
  3. Next to linked banks, select “change”
  4. Enter the required details of Chime and finish up the setup.

2) Albert

Albert is banking, investing, saving, and one of the best payday loans app that accepts chime, and offer you up to $250 cash advance. There are two options when it comes to using Albert; you can either choose to pay the $4.99 service fee to get your cash instantly or wait up to 1 to 3 business days to get your cash for free.

Regardless, here are some of the services the app offers;

  • Up to $250 advance
  • No interest
  • Budgeting
  • Saving
  • Early payday
  • Investing

There are also a couple of things that you are required to have in order to qualify for the cash advance. Some of them include;

  • A verifiable salary
  • Consistent income over the past 60 days
  • The income should arrive on a predictable schedule e.g. weekly, monthly, bi-weekly, and such
  • More than $0 current bank account balance.

The process of requesting the advance is quite simple; simply download the app, launch and install it on your phone, then open it and tap “Instant” on your home screen. The prompts that follow will help you set up your advance request.

Link Chime Account to Albert

  1. Open your app and find the Budget option
  2. Select the little + sign at the top of your screen
  3. You can either select Chime from the list that pops up or simply search it in the search box
  4. Enter your account credentials on the next screen

You can also add Chime manually if you can’t find it on the app even after searching. Once the two are connected, you are ready to use them any time you need to.

3) Varo App

Varo is another great option when it comes to payday loan apps that accept Chime. Its ease of use, fast transfers, and flexible advance limits are some of the advantages of using the app. However, their charges and fees are quite different from what you would expect.

You can get a cash advance of up to $100 but get charged $5 for it. If you take a $75 cash advance you are charged $4, $3 for $50, and no fees for $20.

Here are some requirements for eligibility;

  • An active bank account
  • At least more than $0 cash/ savings in your account
  • More than 30 days old bank account
  • At least $1000 total direct deposits to your savings or Varo account, within the last 31 days.

Connecting Chime to Varo

  1. Open the app and go to linked accounts
  2. Tap “link an account
  3. Select Chime from the list that shows up, or search it from the search bar
  4. Enter your Chime details needed i.e user ID and password and hit “Submit
  5. Follow any other prompts from Chime and provide all the details required.

4) Empower App

Empower comes with its own bunch of benefits. To begin with, it offers four different tiers of cash advances for different people, with the minimum being $25 and going up to $250. Here is how it works;

#The Base Offer ($25)

To qualify for this offer;

  • You need an average monthly income of not less than $500.
  • At least two deposits of a minimum of $100 in each of the previous three months.
  • A minimum of $100 balance for the last 10 days.

#Recurring Paycheck ($50)

This need;

  • An active cash advance account that has been running for over 60 days
  • 2 average transactions per day
  • A good current account balance
  • Must have a minimum of $200 recent recurring direct deposits.
  • $500 average monthly income
  • Maintain a $50 account balance for at least 2 days after payday.

#Paycheck at Empower ($100)

To qualify for this cash advance, you must have a verifiable direct deposit balance of a minimum of $200 in the last two weeks or $500 for the previous 30 days in your account.

#Repayment History ($250)

To qualify for the highest Empower tier, which is Repayment History, you must have 3 or more cash advances previously accepted by Empower over three pay cycles. You also must have at least 3 recent recurring deposits of a minimum of $200 each.

To check whether you qualify for any of the above cash advances, just log onto your account and select “Qualifications” under “Check Eligibility Now”.

You can easily connect Empower to Chime by visiting your Empower app; scroll down the menu from the navigation tab and select “Accounts”, click the + icon at the top area of the screen and add Chime.

Note that Empower uses Paid to connect to external accounts.

5) Cleo App

Some of the features you can expect to get from Cleo include a $20 to $100 cash advance loan, no interest charged on loans, flexibility to pay anytime within 28 days, budgeting, and autosave. It is also one of the best apps that connect seamlessly with Chime.

To be eligible for a Cleo loan, you must be a Plus member of the app. This means you have to upgrade your membership to the $5.99/month membership. You also need to shell out a $3.99 service charge for instant transactions or choose to get your funds within four days, for free.

Some of the factors that the app is keen on before they approve your request include;

  • Your spending habits
  • Missed payments
  • Cash withdrawals
  • And your general track records.

You can always easily connect your Chime account to Cleo by searching it on the Cleo app. Make sure you provide all the right details for the two to be linked.

6) MoneyLion App

With MoneyLion, you get up to 15% of your recurring deposit amount and can get up to $250 cash in advance. If during review the app can’t detect a clear recurring limit, they lower your advance limit up to a minimum of 25%.

Luckily, there are various ways you can set up a recurring amount to improve your limits. RoarMoneySM is one way to do this. All you need to do is sign up for their Credit Builder Plus membership plan. Similarly, you can increase your limits by completing different tasks on the MoneyLion app and qualify for boosts.

If you do so, you can be eligible to get up to 30% cash advance of your recurring deposits, or up to $1000 advance loans. Here are some requirements to qualify for MoneyLion advance loans;

  • Have an account that has been active for at least two months
  • Must have regular recurring paychecks.
  • Must have a good balance amount
  • Must be active

Like other apps, you can easily link your Chime account to MoneyLion simply by;

  1. Open the app and go to accounts
  2. Select “add account
  3. Find Chime from the app or search from the search bar and follow the instructions to link successfully

There are also more options from the “Finances” tab, which you can use to link external accounts to your MoneyLion app.

7) Honest Loans

If you are looking for multiple lenders with a low APR, you might just want to check out Honest Loans. What the app does is that it does all the work for you, finds lenders, and provides options for you to choose from.

The best thing about the app is that your credit score does not determine whether you get approved for a loan or not. Whether you have a bad or an excellent credit card, you can still get accepted. There aren’t any credit checks to limit you.

Here are their eligibility criteria;

  • You must be 18 years and above
  • You must be a USA resident
  • You must have a monthly income of at least $800
  • A valid SSN is also a requirement in the application process
  • You must have a checking account.

How to Link Chime to Honest Loans App

  1. Go to the “Account” option on your Honest Loans app.
  2. Tap on “add account
  3. Find Chime and complete the process.

8) Fig Loans

Fig Loans is another one of the best payday loan apps that accept Chime. It not only helps you cover emergencies but also builds up your credit card. As a new user, you can get a loan of between $300 to $750 with terms of 4 to 6 months.

Here are some of the requirements you need to be eligible for a Fig loan;

  • Fig only provides its services in 6 states and you must be living in one of these to be eligible
  • You must have a bank account that has been active for at least three months
  • You must have monthly income deposits of at least $1400
  • You must also have a positive balance at the time of application, and get direct deposit paychecks

How to Connect Fig Loan App to Chime

  1. Open the app on your device
  2. Go to accounts
  3. Select “linked accounts
  4. Choose “Link account” and select Chime from the options available.
  5. Provide the required details to connect the two accounts successfully.

9) Klover App

One of the best features of Klover is that it provides interest-free instant cash advance loans on your paycheck. You also don’t need to worry about your credit score as there are no credit checks to determine your eligibility.

It offers an option to get the cash instantly but at an express fee, a cost you can avoid if you can wait up to 3 working days to receive your money. There are also no crazy requirements for your application to be accepted. Here are some things you will need;

  • You must have a bank account that has been active for at least two months.
  • Have at least a $250 monthly paycheck.
  • Must be 18 years  and above.
  • You also need at least 3 direct deposits to qualify.

How to Connect Klover to Chime

All you need to do to connect your Klover account to your Chime account is open the Klover app on your device, go to “accounts”, choose “add accounts”, and find Chime from the options. You can also just type  “Chime” in the search bar to get it faster. Then fill in all the required details to finish up the process.

Benefits of Connecting Payday Loan Apps That Accept Chime

Some advantages of using payday loans app that accept chime include;

  • Provides fast and easy options to solve your emergencies
  • It is easy to connect these apps with Chime
  • There are only a few requirements to  link the apps and Chime
  • Easy transaction process
  • An option for instant cash transfer (at a fee), which comes in handy if you have an urgent need
  • Free cash transfers that only take up to 3 business days.


With the many payday loan apps that accept chime in the Fintech industry, it could be tricky to decide which one to use. Fortunately, you can always open different accounts with different companies and try out for yourself, which one is the most appropriate for you.

This article summarizes some of the most popular and the best payday loan apps that you can be sure to link with your Chime account.