How To Transfer From Coinbase To Coinbase Pro

There are numerous reasons why you may wish to send from Coinbase to the Coinbase Pro. Even though the same corporation controls them, the two platforms operate differently. There is a significant difference between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro. 

Transferring from Coinbase-to-Coinbase Pro is recommended if you need to transition from a buy-and-hold financial strategy to a higher-volume trading approach. Transferring from Coinbase to the Coinbase Pro is also recommended if you need more detailed information regarding your crypto holdings.

Coinbase Pro only accepts digital wallets, bank accounts, and wire transfer transactions as a brokerage firm. It doesn’t take debit or credit card payments. If you need to deposit money into your Coinbase account, you may do so without incurring any additional costs by transferring it from Coinbase to the Coinbase Pro.

Transferring from Coinbase to the Coinbase Pro is quite simple. Follow the instructions below.

Is It Possible to Transfer From Coinbase to the Coinbase Pro

Yes. You may transfer any part of your assets to Coinbase Pro at any moment and without incurring any extra fees. Also, you might have opened your Coinbase account as a novice cryptocurrency investor. You improved your skills and knowledge by using their easy user interface and video training. However, you now need greater control over your stock trading decisions and a more sophisticated user interface.

Or probably might have opened your Coinbase wallet when your crypto trading strategy was buy-and-hold. However, you now wish to employ stop and limit orders to create more precise purchasing selections. You want to switch to an exchange service that lets you create high-volume trading selections.

How To Transfer From Coinbase To Coinbase Pro

Transfer From Coinbase To Coinbase Pro

Although your Coinbase and the Coinbase Pro accounts are connected, they have different wallets. Here is how to make a Coinbase-to-Coinbase Pro transfer:

1) Sign in to Coinbase Pro

You may access Coinbase Pro by Sign in with your Coinbase user credentials. Simply enter your Coinbase Password and Username.

2) Navigate to the Coinbase Pro trading section

You wish to put funds into your Coinbase Pro account; therefore, click the “Deposit” tab. It is usually accessible in the portfolio section, under “Wallet” on the left sidebar. A pop-up window usually appears after you click “Deposit.”

3) Locate the coin that you wish to transfer to Coinbase Pro

Following that, you’ll be required to choose the type of currency (i.e., ETC, BTC) that you wish to deposit to your Coinbase Pro. You may choose the currency type from a list of pre-populated alternatives that include the most commonly used currencies.

4) Choose your Coinbase Account

Select Coinbase Wallet from the drop-down menu. You’ll be able to view how much money is available in your Coinbase account that you can move to Coinbase Pro. If you don’t have any funds, go to Coinbase and deposit them there. You may also utilize PayPal to deposit funds directly into Coinbase.

5) Click Deposit at the bottom of the Screen

Lastly, pick the Source (the wallet you would like to transfer), input the amount you wish to move, and conclude by clicking the Deposit tab to send to Coinbase Pro.

Reasons Why You Should Send to Coinbase Pro

Coinbase is appealing to first-time cryptocurrency investors. With its easy user interface, simple graphing, and built-in user education, you can quickly learn how to move from Coinbase to the Coinbase Pro and be a crypto expert.

1) Fees

Because of Coinbase’s pricing structure, you pay a lot of cash for every transaction. If you’ve got a buy-and-hold trading plan, this is fine. However, if you wish to conduct high-volume transactions, the fees are prohibitively expensive.

On the other hand, Coinbase Pro is designed for investors who want to trade cryptocurrency actively. They utilize a maker-taker fee system, which gives users discounts based on the number of trades they execute on the service. Based on the monthly trading volume, these costs begin at 0.50 percent and gradually decrease for more significant volume traders.

2) More Control

Coinbase Pro provides access to their API keys for more control over your cryptocurrency trading. That means you may use third-party apps to connect to your Coinbase account. You may configure third-party apps to give you complete control over your bitcoin trading.

3) Stop Orders and Limit Orders

You may utilize the stop and limit orders to make more sophisticated purchasing decisions. Coinbase Pro provides powerful graphing views to consumers, and the standard view displays a candlestick chart of low and high prices over a specified time. The platform can configure an enhanced view to display numerous overlays of autoregressive moving averages. The increased availability of information allows experienced traders to understand better how a coin is performing.

Are there Transfer Fees from Coinbase to Coinbase Pro

If you move your Coinbase assets to another cryptocurrency exchange, you will incur a transfer cost. You can, however, send your Coinbase assets to the Coinbase Pro without paying any fees. Transferring your assets to the Coinbase Pro makes great sense if you need a more robust exchange platform.

Benefits and Drawbacks for Different Users

Although Coinbase Pro has benefits, it is not the ideal option for everybody. The experience and interface will be difficult for inexperienced investors. Additionally, if you use a buy-and-hold approach, Coinbase Pro’s large volume, tiered payment structure may not be the ideal option for you.

Conduct your research before deciding on a cryptocurrency exchange. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and you should select an exchange that perfectly suits your trading approach.

Alternatively, you may utilize Coinbase as the site for adding funds to your crypto account with a PayPal, debit, or credit card. You may then send the balance to your Coinbase and save cash in the long term.

Comparison Between Coinbase and the Coinbase Pro

Both exchange methods allow users to acquire multiple digital currencies using fiat currencies like the EUR and USD. The standard Coinbase account gives basic trading facilities for new investors, while the Coinbase Pro edition includes sophisticated options for experienced users.

Coinbase and the Coinbase Pro cater to various types of consumers, with the former catering to beginner crypto investors and the latter catering to expert traders. While both platforms make it simple for investors and traders to sell, purchase, send and receive cryptocurrency, they do so in different ways. Below are some of the platform’s standard and unique features:

  • Free Customer Education and Crypto Awards: Both exchanges have a user education base integrated into their online and mobile applications to help newcomers comprehend the bitcoin market. These platforms’ instructional offerings are generally how-to blog posts, manuals, and online tutorials that offer information about market patterns and assist users in staying updated. Users will get minor bonus amounts in prizes after consuming instructional content.
  • Integrated Newsfeed: Users are kept up to date on recent events thanks to the newsfeed embedded into both exchanges. News headlines and alerts in the bitcoin community are gathered from numerous websites and presented here.
  • Digital Wallet: Both provide a safe digital wallet for all your possessions by offering multilayer network security, such as recovery passwords and biometric authentication logins. Users can also access a native Android and iOS wallet. You do not need to be a Coinbase customer to utilize the digital wallet to purchase Coinbase wallets.
  • Price Alert on Assets: You can use any platform to create a watchlist of virtual currencies that will alert you when their prices change. If you wish, you may have the platform deliver the price notifications to your cellphone or display them in the mobile application.
  • Availability: Users in over 100 nations can use Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, though some locations have transaction limits.
  • Transactions: Both crypto exchange platforms enable you to carry out transactions like selling, buying, sending, and receiving digital assets in real-time.

Bottom Line

If you are new to the field of cryptocurrency, the Coinbase service is a good starting point. Thanks to the platform’s detailed charts and established educational materials, you will be up and running in no time.

If you wish to trade cryptocurrency actively, you will require Coinbase Pro, which includes spot trading, better charting, and low fees. Moving your assets from Coinbase to the Coinbase Pro is also possible efficiently and securely, with no financial repercussions. If you stick to our guide, you should be alright.

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