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The 10 Best Instant Check Cashing Apps

If you need to get your cash on the go, you need a faster method than standing in line at the ATM or the bank. An instant check cashing app is an app that will help to get your money in your bank account faster. From your paycheck, tax refund check, and even a birthday check, you can easily cash it and your money will be available in your bank account. Many banks now have their cash checking apps and you can use them at any time you like.

This makes it easy for you to cash your check without the need to go to the bank’s physical location. With many apps available for mobile devices, it is important to find out the ten best instant check cashing apps.

The 10 Best Instant Check Cashing Apps

Instant Check Cashing Apps

Your mobile phone is always with you and it is the most convenient way to communicate. With the advancement in technology, your mobile device will help you with several other important issues. You can now also get your money on the go with a simple mobile app. It is a must easier and faster option to get money when you have a check.

The following are the top ten check cashing apps available today:

1. ACE Flare

This is an instant cash checking app and a bank account that is offered by the Meta bank. When you have this app, you will enjoy instant check cashing and also other features of a traditional bank account. You can do direct deposit or transfer money using the app and the ATM withdrawals are free. This is a great app option for people who do not want to have a regular bank account. It is available for mobile devices on Google Play Store and the App Store.

The standard check cashing does not attract a fee
ATM withdrawals are free
The app does not have a long-form to fill with details
Any expedited requests have a fee of a minimum of $5

2. Ingo Money App

If you are looking for the best app for money transfers, Ingo Money App is your best bet. You can easily cash your payroll checks and link to one debit card, prepaid card, or PayPal account. It is easy to check on the account using the app and it is easy to cash your check with the app. You will only need to take a photo of the check and upload it to the app. Then receive money from a person, business, or paycheck anytime.

It is also possible for you split the money from the check so that you can send some of the money to your bank account. With this app, you will pay $5 or 2% for preprinted payroll and government checks. You will be charged either $5 or 5% for other checks and money orders, whichever is higher.

It offers discounted pricing rates
It’s easy to master and operate
It links with debit cards and other bank accounts
This app requires a fee

3. Netspend App

One of the most common instant check cashing apps is the Netspend mobile app. It has made it easy for people to reload money to prepaid cards without going to an ATM. With this app, you can receive paychecks two days early; do direct deposits in addition to the check-cashing services.

You will pay a flat fee of $5 or either 2% OR 55 of the check amount when you are using this app. It is also easy to operate and once you sign in, you can take photos of the check and upload it to the app. Once the check has been approved, you will have your money ready for you to use. It is will be easy for you to send money to family and friends too when you have the app.

You can load and reload your prepaid debit card easily
It works automatically after you scan the check
It does not check your credit history
No fee is required to activate your account
The app sometimes takes ATM fees

4. Brink’s Money Prepaid App

This app is one of the ten best instant check cashing apps because it allows mobile to prepaid master debit card deposits. This makes you get the same benefits that you will get when you have a bank debit card. When you want to load the funds using a check, you can schedule a direct deposit. It is then easy for you to transfer the funds to another brinks card or a bank account.

The app charges a flat fee of $5 or the expedited fee can range from 2% to 5%. With this app, you can also transfer money to other mobile app users like the Netspend accounts. You can easily manage your money using the simple and easy app at any time you like.

It allows you to view history and move your money the way you wish
The expedited charges range according to the size of the check
It is easy to use
There are third party fees that may be subject to change

5. PayPal Mobile App

The PayPal mobile app lets its users carry and manage their accounts from anywhere. You can transfer money and cash your checks from any point of the globe. This app will let you have the same features and benefits as a regular bank account without the need to go to a physical bank. You do not need an ATM to deposit or transfer funds to your bank or your prepaid card when you have this mobile app.

It is also free to download from the Google play store and App store. You can use the mobile app with any android device and also iOS phones. With PayPal, you will be able to get your money within 2-3 days. It is also easy and efficient.

It is available all over the world
Cashing checks come with a flat rate of $5 or 5%
You can cash checks without any fees
It has a $1000 per day limit

6. Alliant Mobile Deposit

Keeping track of finances has been made easy using the Alliant mobile deposit. This is because you can cash your checks instantly from anywhere you are. You can also use the app to transfer money to bank accounts and a prepaid card. Sending and receiving money is easy with the app because it is straightforward.

The users can also use the app to check on their financial history so that it will be easy to manage their finances. The banking features are free apart from cashing checks will vary according to the size of the check. You can download this app on your Android or iOS phone and use with anywhere you want.

It is easy to install and use
It has many other banking features to help track finances
All the banking features are free
Some fees need to be paid when doing deposits

7. The Check Cashing Store App

If you like transferring money to your prepaid card, this is one of the best instant check cashing apps for you. You can take a photo of the check and upload it to the app and make a direct deposit to your bank account. With the help of the app, you can also view your transaction history so that you can also keep track of your spending.

If you do not have the app downloaded on your mobile device, you can also easily use the company website to view the status of your account. This app is easy to use and will perform its functions fast and efficiently.

It helps track finances and spending habits
Transferring money to a prepaid card is easy
Allows direct deposits to your bank account
The fees charged by the app are not readily available on the website and they vary from time to time

8. Deposit2GO App

This is one of the oldest and old fashioned apps available in the market today. It allows you to cash your checks as well as other banking features. You will not need to pay any fees to download or use the app and it is easy for anyone to install and use. With this app, you will be able to access your funds anytime you like and transfer them to your bank from anywhere.

You can also transfer money to other banks and load your prepaid card from the app. It will be easy for you to track and manage your finances from anywhere you are using the simple app. You can also separate and cash a portion of your money while sending the rest to your bank account with this app.

The app works efficiently without any fees
You can track and manage your money using the app
It allows cash checking and other banking features
It is old fashioned and might not have all the banking features like other new apps

9. The U.S. Bank App

There are times when you will not need a new cash checking app at all. This is because your U.S bank already has an app that you can use when you want to cash checks and do direct deposits. Apart from cashing the check, you can also enjoy other banking features like money transactions and checking your balances.

This app is convenient and you can use it with several other large national banks like Bank of America, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo, and many more. You will only need to insert the deposit address and the amount of money when you deposit with this bank. The operations are also safer to ensure your finances are safe.

Deposits are easy with the app
It has several banking features
The financial operations are safer
It might not work as efficiently with other smaller banks

10. Waleteros Mobile Banking

With the waleteros mobile banking app, you can enjoy excellent rates from anywhere. The great exchange rates make it ideal for use when you are sending and receiving money from all over the globe. You will transact with no monthly fees, no overdrafts, and no minimum balance. This means that you will be able to transact with all your funds from the app to the bank account. It is a great app for people with new jobs and also people who do not have a huge history with bank accounts.

It offers great exchange rates
You will transact using the app without paying any monthly fees
You do not need to have a minimum balance
It might need other collaborating apps to work efficiently with some features

How To Cash Your Check Instantly

Instant check cashing has made it easy for anyone who does not want to go through lines in the bank or ATMs. Apart from visiting a check-cashing store, you can also use your mobile device to cash your check from anywhere you are. The following are the simple steps to cash your check instantly:

  1. Select the app that has the features you like and then download it to your mobile device. Ensure that the app is compatible with your phone.
  2. Once you follow the instructions and link with your bank account you can customize it the way you like
  3. Take the photo of the check from both sides and upload it to the app
  4. Some apps will also allow you to scan the check
  5. Once you have uploaded it, keep the check so that in case of any problems.

Keep in mind that some mobile apps will charge a fee or you may need to pay a monthly fee to use it.


When you are choosing the right mobile app, ensure that you look at other features that it will provide. Out of the 10 best check cashing apps, you will find one that will work well for you. Consider all the needs and uses you have with your funds so that you can choose the proper one for you. Do not forget that some apps will need a fee to download and use, this means that you need to put that in your mind as you choose.

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