How To Spend Money On A Limited PayPal Account

PayPal is the ideal option for international transactions involving multiple currencies because it is faster and safer. However, PayPal holds tight regulations for its global users and limits accounts when unusual transactions are detected. As a result, unauthorized activities, IP fluctuations, suspicious behavior, rapid chargebacks, and even illegal transactions may result in account limitations.

Although PayPal account limitation feature exists to protect your account, it can also put you in awkward situations. For example, perhaps you have an essential purchase to make, or your son requires cash from you; the limitation prevents you from translating. However, if you understand how to move your funds in a limited PayPal account, you can spend, receive, or send the amount.

What Does PayPal Account Limitation Imply?

If you get an email from PayPal stating that your account has been restricted, it means that you no longer have full access to your account. When you sign in to your PayPal account, you will see the same message in the support box.

When you get a restricted account, you won’t do certain things with PayPal, like withdrawing or sending money. However, if you follow PayPal instructions and submit the requested information, you will be able to regain full access to the account.

Why Is PayPal Limiting My Account?

To summarize, whenever PayPal identifies any activity on your account that violates their user policy, they limit the account. The following are the most common reasons why PayPal may limit your account and restrict your financial transactions:

  • If they discover that you have multiple personal PayPal accounts.
  • When someone reports a fraudulent transaction or a scam involving your account.
  • You have inadvertently clicked on a phishing link or fake PayPal, putting your account at risk.
  • When you suddenly start large transactions (more than 2,000USD), that raises uncertainty.
  • PayPal may require additional information about your address and identity.
  • When you did not link your PayPal account to a bank account or a credit/debit card.
  • When you have contacts with other restricted accounts or countries that appear suspicious.
  • When your bank or credit card company reports a stolen credit card or unauthorized use of it.
  • If you receive an excessive number of claims, chargebacks, or scam reports from your buyers.
  • PayPal might have noticed that you began selling high-end items such as jewelry.
  • When you sell illegal items such as weapons, drugs, and pornographic items.

How To Spend Money On A Limited PayPal Account?

How To Spend Money On A Limited PayPal Account

When a limit is a concern for PayPal, there may be two scenarios for a new account and an old one. You have a limit on your account because you are new and unverified, or you have a limit because you have violated any user policy.

1) Unverified New Account

It may be because of verification issues if you opened the account recently, you’re new to PayPal, and have limited spending. PayPal does not allow users to make large-amount transactions or purchases until their accounts are verified. So you could be able to make one or two small purchases or transactions (less than 500USD) before verifying. Following that, you must verify your account by submitting the required documents and financial data.

To verify your PayPal account, you must link your debit or credit card to finance the account, which incorporates your personal information. You could also link your bank account to your PayPal account for faster withdrawals and funding of your PayPal balance. However, it is strongly advised not to link a credit card, especially if you are not a security expert. The same is true for the bank account, despite being required for local and cash withdrawals.

2) When PayPal Limit Occur

You cannot do much if you have a PayPal account limit due to violating a PayPal accepted user policy. The only way to send, spend, or withdraw funds from a restricted account is to remove the restriction. In addition, PayPal will request documents that prove your identity and the legitimacy of your transaction.

PayPal may request a transaction receipt, legal information regarding your product or business, an invoice, as well as address or identification verification. Depending on why PayPal restricted your account in the first place, they will request supporting documentation to ensure you are not breaking the law. When you provide everything and request that the restriction be lifted, PayPal will take about three working days to open it up.

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Is It Possible To Fix A Limited PayPal Account?

If the PayPal account has a temporary limitation, you can easily fix that restricted PayPal account. You will submit all of the documents requested by PayPal, and it will take PayPal about three days to resolve the issue.

Is It Possible To Receive Payment With A Limited PayPal Account?

You can still conduct business with your customers or clients if you have a limited PayPal account. However, you cannot withdraw or send the balance you receive to the restricted account.

Is It Possible To Purchase Items With A Limited PayPal Account?

You won’t be able to buy anything with PayPal if it’s a restricted account due to suspicious activity. You can, however, purchase if it displays an account restriction without verification.

Will PayPal Let You Withdraw Money After The 180 Days Account Limitation? 

When a PayPal account is permanently limited, the funds are held for 180 days. The cash will be accessible in the second half of the year, and then you can withdraw at any time.

How To Withdraw Cash From A Limited PayPal Account After 180 Days?

PayPal will send you an email within 180 days asking how you would like your money returned. It can also send you a bank check or an unlimited account, from which you can transfer the funds to your bank account.

What Is The Spending Cap On PayPal?

Regular PayPal accounts have a minimum transaction amount of 0.01USD. The maximum transaction amount is 4,000USD, with a transaction fee of 10USD. A bank account’s monthly withdrawal limit is also 500USD. Individuals without PayPal accounts can send up to 4,000USD in one-time payouts to others in addition to PayPal accounts.

What Is The Purpose Of My PayPal Spending Limit?

These regulations are enacted to protect both PayPal sellers and buyers when PayPal notices suspicious or unusual activity. Furthermore, limitations assist PayPal in keeping your account open and secure.

Bottom Line

There are no limits to spending, withdrawing, or sending money from PayPal unless you have a limit on your account. If you are new to PayPal and are uncertain how to spend cash on a limited PayPal account, it may require verification. However, if you receive a restriction due to violating PayPal’s user policies, you need to provide what they request.

Once PayPal has verified your proof of legitimacy and identity, they will remove the restriction and allow you to spend or transact. PayPal is extremely simple to use, and it facilitates 26 currencies, making international transactions a breeze.