How To Use Spot Me on Chime

According to statistics, consumers paid a staggering $12.4 billion in overdraft fees to banks. An overdraft fee is an amount you pay after you withdraw more money than your account holds.

That is where the Chime SpotMe program comes in. Being a member, it allows you to overdraft your account without having to pay an overdraft fee. That said, this article is going to guide you through how to get started with Chime SpotMe, how it works, and everything else you need to know about it.

What is Chime SpotMe

To combat the expensive overdraft fees you incur when you withdraw more money than you have from your bank account, Chime created a program called Chime SpotMe.

What this means is that Chime covers your account when you overdraft.

For starters, you get a $20 cushion to cover your overdraft fees, and after some time, the limit can be increased up to $100. If, say you have only $5 in your account and purchase a $15 cup of coffee, your account will then read -10. This will then be subtracted from your next deposit into your Chime account, without any extra money being deducted.

chime spotme

For the regular banks, you will have to pay for the overdraft amount as well as an overdraft fee, depending on how much you borrowed. This makes the Chime SpotMe program a great way to avoid the fees charged for overdrafts, especially if the extra amount you need is just a small amount.

How Does Chime SpotMe Works

You first have to be a Chime user for you to be eligible to use Chime SpotMe. You cannot have access to it if you are not using Chime’s services, or have a different card.  To qualify, you must be using a Chime bank account and Chime’s debit card.

Also, keep in mind that Chime does not use credit cards.

As mentioned above, SpotMe works very easily for users. If you got $10 negative on your account and Chime spots to you this $10, Only $10 will be deducted from your account from your next deposit.

Initially, Chime will only spot to you $20. This means that you would be out of luck if you needed to purchase anything that needed more than that, and if you go ahead with the purchase, you will have to incur a certain amount of fees.

However, as time goes by and you prove yourself to be a loyal customer by keeping your account active, Chime raises our SpotMe limit up to $200. This makes it great for bigger purchases.

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How To Open a Chime Account

To get started with the Chime SpotMe program, you first need to have an active Chime account. You can always create your account from the main Chime website.

  • Just visit the website at
  • Hit “Open Account” at the top-left area of the home page.
  • The next window will prompt you to enter your names and email.
  • Enter these details and hit “Continue” at the bottom of the page to finish setting up your account.

How Do You Use SpotMe on Chime

As soon as you are done, and are eligible for the Chime SpotMe program, you can always use it when you need it. There are only two steps to getting started;

  • Open the Chime app on your device.
  • Go to the settings tab and find out if you are eligible for the Chime SpotMe program.
  • If you qualify, all you need to do is accept the terms and conditions that come with it and you are good to go.

Chime SpotMe Eligibility

So how do you know if you are eligible for the program and the requirements you need to qualify?

You may think that just having an account with them and using their bank makes you eligible for the program. Well, those are still a big part of what’s needed but not all. While there aren’t a lot of requirements for qualifications, there are still a couple of things you need to look at.

First, you need to have a chime account and a debit card. Your account also needs to have direct deposits of at least $500 or more a month. Anything less than that amount will not qualify for the program.

Other than that, there is nothing else needed. Simple, right? Just note that your limit will begin at $20 after which it will increase depending on your account activity, spending habits, and deposit patterns.

Pros and Cons of the Chime SpotMe Program

Everything that has an advantage definitely has disadvantages, and Chime SpotMe is not an exception. Check out some of the Pros and Cons below;

#Advantages of Chime SpotMe;

  • While other companies with a similar product may charge a monthly subscription, there isn’t any upfront cost to use Chime SpotMe. As long as you are qualified, you are ready to roll in.
  • Many people spend a lot of money on costly overdraft fees. Chime saves you this money.
  • Getting started and using Chime SpotMe is also super easy. As long as you are an active Chime user, there aren’t any crazy processes to sign up, or multiple requirements to qualify.

#Disadvantages of Chime SpotMe;

  • One of the biggest disadvantages of using the program is that it does not accept credit cards, only debit cards. This may come off as a turn-off to credit card users, especially because credit cards are more popular.
  • Another disadvantage is that Chime SpotMe only covers specifically selected purchases. For example, it does not support money transfers from certain apps like Venmo.

Where You Can Use the Chime SpotMe

You can count on Chime SpotMe for many different purchases, especially when you need to make online payments. Some of the things you can use with Chime SpotMe include;

  • Gas stations
  • Apple Pay
  • Uber
  • Walmart
  • Buy groceries, and more.

The only time your Chime SpotMe won’t work is when you exceed the limit, where you may not be able to use it, or you will be charged an overdraft fee.

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Chime SpotMe Frequently Asked Questions

Like many other services, there are a lot of commonly asked questions online and offline about the Chime SpotMe program. Some of them include;

How to Contact Chime Customer Support

If you want to contact the customer support desk, you can always reach out to them via the app or call them at 1-844-244-6363.

You can also log on to your account on the website and contact them via the live chat support option. Better still, you can use email to send them your messages and queries.

Their frequently asked questions section is also quite detailed. You are bound to find pretty much the most answers to your queries.


With all the terms, conditions, and requirements, banks could be complicated and overwhelming. The charges that come alongside transactions could also be crazy,  especially when it comes to the subject of overdraft withdrawals and fees.

As seen throughout the article, using Chime and the Chime SpotMe program is fast, easy, and reliable. It is also an easy way to help you complete your purchases even when you don’t have enough money. And the best part is that as long as you stay within your limits, you will not be charged any overdraft fees.