How To Withdraw Money From PayPal Using MoneyGram

If you have money in your PayPal account or are about to get it, you’ll be concerned with withdrawing it. This is where PayPal to MoneyGram transfer services may be useful. Even though PayPal is the most well-known digital currency service available in the globe, it has restricted services for individuals who live in particular regions of the world.

PayPal, for example, does not provide money receiving options or cash withdrawal capabilities to many countries. Only 25 nations are able to use PayPal full range of services. MoneyGram provides global assistance. You will have the option to send money directly to your bank, financial accounts, or credit union while using MoneyGram.

Is PayPal Accepted By MoneyGram?

No. PayPal payments are not presently supported as a payment option for moving money across borders with MoneyGram.

Is It Possible To Withdraw Money From PayPal Using MoneyGram?

How To Withdraw Money From PayPal Using MoneyGram

A new co-branded website was developed to help customers load and send money to a PayPal account using MoneyGram. Customers may also withdraw cash from their PayPal account using the site. The money can then be collected at MoneyGram branches in the United States.

Customers in the United States who don’t have a bank account or a credit card can now use PayPal new service to maintain and fund their accounts, as well as withdraw money and send it to family and friends.

Is It Possible To Move Money From My PayPal Account To MoneyGram?

You won’t discover a direct option to move money from your PayPal account to your MoneyGram account when you check your PayPal account. However, you may still send money using PayPal to MoneyGram through an exchanger service.

This is the most efficient and cost-effective method to complete your transaction. It will not only make your transfer process easier. It can also guarantee that you complete your transactions without losing a significant amount of cash.

How Can I Use A PayPal Exchange To Send Money From PayPal To MoneyGram?

When you choose a PayPal to MoneyGram transfer, their website will provide you with all of the information and instructions necessary to complete your transaction. You must follow the instructions in order to complete the transfer.

Make sure you use the finest PayPal to MoneyGram transfer option. You may then finish your transaction without any problems. We’ll provide you with more information if any relevant exchange services are available. You may go through our list of suggestions and choose which one is best for you.

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The Greatest PayPal-to-MoneyGram Exchangers

We conducted a brief study to identify the finest exchangers, which may be utilized to move money from PayPal to MoneyGram. The following are the most well-known exchange services that we found.

You may select an exchange service from the list below. After that, you will get all of the assistance you need to move your money in one fell swoop. 

  • Payglobel
  • Magnatust
  • Cash2Pm

It is guaranteed that all of these money transfer services provide a high-quality experience to customers who use them.

Exchange Fee For PayPal To MoneyGram Money Transfer 

The exchange rate for PayPal to MoneyGram is typically 3%. When compared to the service you will get at the conclusion of the day, this is a reasonable cost. This is due to the fact that you will lose additional money if you use one of the other options for moving your funds from PayPal to MoneyGram.

You can also consider withdrawing funds from PayPal by sending them to MoneyGram and then completing the transaction. Because MoneyGram charges just $1 per withdrawal, this is a viable option.

How To Track A MoneyGram Transfer?

There are two options for keeping track of your transfer status:

  1. Log in to your account and look at your Transaction History that is, if you got an online profile.
  2. If you lack an online profile, go to the Track and Receive tool and input your authorization or reference number and your last name.

When Will My Recipient Get Money After The Transaction?

Most bank transfers are completed in a few hours on average. The time it takes for money to be available in your receiver’s account varies by country and is dependent on systems availability and banking hours, adequate liquidity, MoneyGram verification systems approval, local rules and regulations. However, bankers’ normal business hours usually exclude holidays and weekends.

Is It Possible To Use PayPal To Transfer Money Through MoneyGram?

Yes, using PayPal to send money to MoneyGram is certainly feasible, but it might be time-consuming and costly. To send money through MoneyGram, you will need to transfer funds from PayPal account to a linked bank account that you may use to send overseas with MoneyGram. Alternatively, you can utilize a PayPal debit card on MoneyGram right away.

How To Make A Transfer With MoneyGram To PayPal?

Although PayPal is not an accepted payment method on MoneyGram, there’s a simple workaround if you got a PayPal debit card. Within a span of 4 to 6 business days, you can apply and receive a debit card that is linked to your PayPal account. If you already own a PayPal debit card, you’ll need to provide the MasterCard number as well as the card particulars for the payment option for the MoneyGram transfer process to be initiated.

  1. Open a browser and go to the MoneyGram website.
  2. Choose the country, payment choice, and amount. To continue, click “Get Started” button.
  3. Select “Same Day” delivery for debit and credit cards, as this is the only option available. The transfer fee will also be displayed for the amount and country you picked.
  4. If you’re a returning customer, fill in your “Username” and “Password” in the blanks; otherwise, enter your email address and hit the “Go” button.
  5. Fill out the following page with all of the information requested. New clients will be requested to provide personal information which include their phone number, name, address, and last four digits of their social security number. Make sure you’ve input the recipient’s name and information correctly, so there’re no issues when it comes to collecting the funds.
  6. For the “Card Type”, choose “MasterCard” which may be found beneath the “Payment Method” section. In the “Card Number” choose the “Expiration Day” and type in the three digit “CVV Number” situated at the back of your card then continue by clicking the “Next” button.
  7. You will then be redirected to MoneyGram website, where you can review and finalize the transaction. You’ll also be prompted to provide MoneyGram with additional security information for the wire transfer.

Requirements Needed For A MoneyGram Transfer

To get your money transfer, you will need the following:

  • A government-issued identification that shows your legal name.
  • Reference number which is requested from the individual who initiated the transfer.

Please be advised that the name on the transfer record, which is completed by the individual sending you the money, must precisely match your actual name as shown on your official ID. Different countries have different procedures, so be sure to ask your local MoneyGram representative for more information.

Different Methods For Sending Money Through MoneyGram?

MoneyGram provides several options for sending money to any place in the world. MoneyGram provides the following products and services:

  • Online and Mobile transfer: MoneyGram app and website makes it quick and simple to transfer money across borders. They’ve developed digital technologies that make transactions reliable and convenient.
  • MoneyGram SendBot: The platform allows customers in the U.S. to send money to anyone in the world via Facebook Messenger. This is the first chatbot that covers all of the characteristics of a money transfer.
  • MoneyGram MobilePass: It’s for users in the U.S. and allows them to make a fund transfer using their phones. It also eliminates the need for forms, making it ideal for individuals who use smartphones or computers to complete transactions.
  • Account Deposit: More than 2 billion mobile wallets, bank accounts, and virtual accounts are linked to MoneyGram.
  • MoneyGram Locations: Customers may receive and send money at any of their agent locations across the globe.
  • Bill Payment Services and Pre-paid Services: In the United States and Canada, MoneyGram provides bill payment services. Customers may pay their rent, phone bills, or car loans with the same day or two-three-day options. Prepaid debit cards can be loaded or reloaded in cash or at an agent location.
  • Money Orders: MoneyGram permits you to make payments using money orders instead of personal checks or cash. Money orders are usually valid for a year. If you don’t cash them, a service fee of around $1.50 per month is levied from the money order’s face value.
  • Sending Cash to a Prisoner: This only applies to a few of the correction facilities in the United States.

MoneyGram offers many alternatives for sending and receiving money, allowing you to select a service and product that is convenient for you through MoneyGram MyWay.

Bottom Line

With the help of our guide, you should be able to use PayPal to MoneyGram transfer without difficulty. As a result, you may now utilize the exchange service to start a PayPal to MoneyGram transfer. It will be a simple and quick process.