Best Military Debt Consolidation Loans (Complete Details)

Military members who find themselves in a financial problem, or even probably being hit by a minor barrier, may use several strategies to regroup. If you got a VA loan on your property, there are numerous methods to rally.

A VA Loan allows you to consolidate your debts, and it may also assist you with overcoming financial difficulties. A Military Debt Consolidation Loan, or VA Consolidation Loan, can assist you in overcoming financial problems if you have a VA Mortgage.

Cash-Out Loans are often referred to as “debt consolidation loans”. This means you’re refinancing an existing loan for more than the total amount owing and taking that difference in cash. You will come across additional fees at closing, which gets deducted from the final amount received.

VA or Military Debt Consolidation Loan 

Military Debt Consolidation Loans

The VA is a guarantee for your loan refinancing; however, the new loan amount can’t exceed the current appraised value of your property. There’s also a maximum number of times you can take out VA loans especially if you’re having trouble repaying them.

The main advantage of a Military debt consolidation loan is that you usually pay a low-interest rate and less closing charges than consumers, as well as much less interest compared to when you would use credit cards.

The major disadvantage of this option is that you will lose equity in your house, but you will also acquire additional debt. There’s also the question of paying closing costs, which are determined by the lender. There may also be other factors to consider, such as whether or not the loan is interest-free or whether it has a pre-payment penalty.

It is important to note that you must satisfy certain requirements in order to ensure that you will be able to and want to pay back the loan. When determining your loan eligibility, lenders will consider your credit score and income. It’s also worth noting that this method converts unsecured debt such as credit cards into secured debt. This implies that your house is becoming collateral and you may lose it if you default on your loan.

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Military Debt Consolidation Loan

When you’re thinking about a consolidation loan to pay off debt, there are some major benefits to being a military service member or veteran, but there are also certain things to consider.


  • Military debt consolidation loans have less stringent qualifying requirements than standard consolidation loans.
  • Residual income (money left over after meeting monthly financial obligations) and a low credit score are all good indicators of an excellent applicant.
  • Repayment terms are longer.
  • Up to 100 percent loan-to-value.
  • There are no monthly mortgage insurance payments or prepayment penalties to worry about. 
  • Department of Defense’s Homeowners Assistance Program (HAP), for example, offers financial aid to service people.


  • Reduces the amount of equity in your property.
  • If you don’t make payments, you risk being foreclose upon.
  • Closing costs may negate the profit that might expected from combining debts.
  • Military debt consolidation plans

There Comprise Several Alternatives For Military Personnel To Get Debt Relief

If you have a credit card issuer that is restrict to only one type of debt, you may able to refinance your credit card debt with a balance transfer card. Several banks and credit card companies are currently providing 0% interest on credit cards for a duration of 12-18 months. The interest rates are generally low, with many having a transfer fee of 3% to 5%. But when you pay off your balance in the introductory period, you’ll still save money.

You can also explore debt management programs to see if you qualify for one. You may also be able to lower your monthly payments and interest rates in a debt management program, without taking out another loan.

Other alternatives for military debt consolidation, or to avoid house foreclosure, include:

Special Forbearance

If you’re in danger of losing your property because of late payment, the bank may grant you a special forbearance to give you additional time to come up with the money. Lenders would perform this for service personnel who anticipate receiving a large sum of money, such as inheritance or higher pay for combat duty.

Repayment Plan

You may try to negotiate with the lender and accept smaller payments until the outstanding debts are paid off, if you’ve missed a few payments.

Loan Modification

This is a technique of modifying your loan’s terms in order to avoid foreclosure. The lender combines all past late payments into a new total and begins a new payment plan.

Short Sale

The borrower might be able to persuade the lender to accept less than the amount needed to pay off the loan. In most short sales, the lender generally receives money from the VA to compensate for the loss.

Execution of a Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure

Instead of going through the foreclosure procedure, the borrower transfers the title to the lender.

Postponing Foreclosure

The lender might be willing to postpone the foreclosure proceedings in order for the borrower to sell the property and pay off that loan.

Military Consolidation Loan Debt Settlement

If you aren’t a homeowner or fall outside the parameters of debt consolidation, debt negotiation or settlement is yet another alternative. This is a method of negotiating outstanding debts in order to decrease the overall amount owed. It may used for any sort of debt, including those owed to VA.

Veterans and active military personnel can also negotiate privately held debts such as credit card debt just like civilians. This might accomplished with the aid of a respectable debt settlement business, however, there is a significant negative impact on your credit score if you go this route.

Military personnel can also use their specific credit cards to pay off debt, such as the following:

  • Military chase credit cards
  • Visa military ticket credit cards
  • Credit cards offered by the Navy Federal Credit
  • The Air Force Federal Credit Union bank-issued credit
  • The Army credit union credit cards
  • Military Auto loan including the ones loaned by United Services Automobile Association (USAA)

What Are The Acceptable Closing Costs On A Military Debt Consolidation Loan

Closing charges, which are one of the neglected factors in each loan, frequently add a substantial sum to the overall amount paid back. The maximum number of closing fees that may be charged by banks and lending institutions dealing in VA loans is limited by rules regulating charge rates for closing costs.

The Origination Fee and VA Funding Fee are two critical topics to consider before closing a military debt consolidation loan. In the case that a borrower defaults on a VA loan, the lender is usually entitle to 25% of the property’s purchase price. This is referred to as VA Loan Entitlement.

The VA Funding Fee is a fee that must paid by the borrower when they take out a loan or refinance with rates that range from 1.25% to 3.3% and this will depend on the circumstances. The interest rate on a VA loan is determine by various criteria, such as whether the borrower made a down payment and whether he or she has previously obtained a VA loan.

The military pay is slightly lower than VA Funding Fees for those on active duty. The fee can waived for injured members of the military who are entitle to compensation.

Lenders charge an origin fee to cover the cost incurred during the processing of a loan. The VA sets a limit on how much lenders may charge in origination fees at 1%. At the closing, you’ll need to pay origin fees, which are not a part of the loan. To put it another way, you will have to spend 1 percent of the purchase price.

If you’re borrowing money from a lender, they can’t charge you for processing services, escrow, underwriting, or mortgage brokers. Other fees that VA loans do not cover include realtor costs, termite and pest inspections, or loan prepayment expenses.

Bottom Line

Many nonprofit organizations and lenders are sympathetic to the difficulties that come with being a member of the US military. Don’t hesitate to contact these organizations and ask about debt relief options. They understand your commitment and are delighted to assist you.

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